Secrets of pets: cats care. A guide to ensure a good life and health of your pet. (choosing a cat, caring for a cat's fur, feeding a cat, training a cat)



If you have questions like: “What cat exactly do I want?” , “How to make a grooming to my cat?” or “How to teach my cat to use a toilet?” here you will find answers to all your questions for sure.
This book contains the most relevant topics, which will minimize all difficulties, misunderstandings and the problems that you have with your cat. The modern look at the comfort conditions for your pet will not leave the chance for his gloom. Taking into account the mentioned recommendations, you will be able to pick up all the necessary equipment for the comfort of your cat. A lot of interesting and exciting games will make the cat's entertainment and time with your pet bright and unforgettable. With this book, you will learn how to understand the body language of your pet.


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